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Our legal client came to us desperate for an improvement in email engagement, an increase in referrals, and higher quality organic traffic.

Q Line Media partnered with them to make it happen.

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Our legal client came to us with a simple request: to help create a monthly newsletter that they would send out to their existing client base. Understanding the importance of content, particularly when it comes to legal marketing, we proposed a solution that required a bit more work, but would lead to long-term marketing success. We proposed to create three, SEO focused blog posts that could be distributed via email and social media. The total package created included the three blog posts, a monthly email newsletter, and a monthly report to review performance.

Our execution began with solid keyword research and the set up of a very simple tech stack: MailChimp for email marketing and a website built on Wordpress that featured obvious CTAs and a form for lead submissions.

Once we were set up, we began to publish the blog posts on a weekly cadence, ensuring all technical aspects of SEO were covered, in addition to on page SEO.

At the end of each month we used the blog content as email marketing content that drove engagement. Each email had a section to write a review of the firm, which garners some of the highest clicks from readers.

Overall, we have and continue to build this law firm's reputation as a trustworthy authority in their practice areas and look forward to continued growth.


The goal of this ongoing work was two-fold. First, we wanted to stay top of mind for existing clients so they would consider this law firm for future needs and possibly refer their social network. Second, we wanted to use the blog posts to address questions clients often had and improve our ranking for local SEO so as to drive organic growth and leads.


When we first started, our baseline was an open rate of 12% for email and a less than 1% CTR. We also had a 1% rate of review submission. We grew engagement to an average open rate of 35% and an average CTR of 6%.

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