SaaS Company Exceeds sign up goal
During Pandemic

Our Our SaaS client came to us with an innovative way to communicate with staff and families of nursing homes using a HIPAA app. What they couldn't predict was the onslaught of the pandemic and the need to quickly pivot their launch strategy.

Q Line Media partnered with them to make it happen.

Sign Up Goal Reached
Retention Rate
Open Rate


This client came to Q Line Media eager to launch their SaaS scheduling software for nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Lockdowns began shortly after our initial launch was solidified, so we pivoted to meet clients where they were, including opening a freemium version of the software.

Our initial launch included a strategy around cold emailing decision makers at small and medium sized care facilities. We pivoted this to a paid campaign that targeted those who were already looking for a service like ours and offered a freemium version that was appealing enough for people to upgrade and pay. We then used client feedback from v1 to continue to iterate upon the product map.


Advanced analytics allow for direct attribution to a campaign, so the client knew exactly how much money was being spent to acquire each sign up.

Detailed audience targeting criteria, driven by user personas we created, allowed us to hit the right people with the right messages, thus resulting in a higher conversion rate and lower CPA.

Clear product positioning created consistent messaging across all channels and communications mediums, while also equipping the sales team with the best way to articulate product value amongst an array of competitors.


Our goal was to move the needle on sign ups through an expedited sales funnel that brought awareness to the product and motivated customers to choose us to ease the pain point of communication with nursing home staff and families.


This launch did not have a baseline, but we'd set specific, measurable goals for sign ups., which included 75 sign ups in the first 100 days. We exceeded this goal by 125%.

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