Don’t feel like reading? Listen to our take on data analytics above.

Your website or app might as well be a brick-and-mortar store without analytics. And let’s face it, analyzing data can feel like a full-time job. But fear not! We’re here to turn your data into insights that will make your business grow faster than a chia pet on steroids.

We take the data you have and distill it into actionable points that will grow your business. Our analysis helps shed light on who your customers are, what they’re doing on your website or app, and how we can help get them to the point of trusting your brand and choosing you amongst your competitors. We use data to learn how we can make customers fall head over heels for your brand.

What are data analytics?

Simply put, data are facts that we collect on users and can then apply to marketing initiatives. We take raw data and distill it to understand HVAs (high value actions) that we can drive through various marketing channels.

Why is data an important part of marketing?

Marketing is more of a science than ever before. In the past marketers relied on intuition to make decisions on how to reach an audience. Today, we rely on intuition, backed by data. We formulate a hypothesis based on our intuition, but use a variety of data sources to further support and then prove our hypothesis.

Utilizing data to drive marketing strategies and decisions is an important part of ensuring your marketing is targeted and effective, thus resulting in lower marketing costs and higher ROI.