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Our approach to lead generation is different. We don’t just chase leads, we chase the RIGHT leads. How? With a killer combo of market research, strategy, and analytics that gets you high-quality leads that actually want what you’re selling. No more time-wasting tire-kickers here!


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What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the art of capturing the attention of potential customers and making them eager to hear more about your product or service. Think of it like fishing, except instead of using bait, we use irresistibly juicy assets like templates, guides, and white papers to reel them in. The generation is the process of reaching potential customers and piquing their interest in your product or service enough so that they voluntarily submit their information for you to contact them or contact you. This critical step in the buyer’s journey tells us how serious they are and how likely they are to take another step toward becoming a customer. Additionally, it can give us insight into what they might need to continue to be nurtured.

Lead generation involves knowing where customers are and reaching them on those channels through incentivized assets like templates, guides, and more.

How does lead generation relate to product marketing?

Product marketing is all about driving awareness and demand of a product. Part of this includes educating prospective customers on your CVPs (customer value propositions) and developing a strategy for your sales and marketing team to implement. Often this starts with how your product is positioned within lead generation assets and sales enablement materials.

Additionally, understanding where your customers are and how to bring them in as leads can only be accomplished via thorough audience research and understanding.

Can you help create lead generation assets?

We work with our clients to create high quality lead magnets like white papers, case studies, and templates that their target audience will want. Once we create these assets, we help clients understand how and where to distribute them to gain the most visibility amongst people interested in their product or services.