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You’ve wooed them with your product, but how do you keep the sparks flying? That’s where lead nurturing comes in. We take the time to understand where your customers are in their journey and craft the perfect messages to keep them engaged, whether it’s a carefully timed email sequence or a personalized site message.


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What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of knowing where your customer is in the journey and building trust with them to continue to move them through the buying cycle. We do this by understanding their needs at each stage, driving brand awareness, and staying connected with them until they are ready to purchase.

Why lead nurturing?

Lead generation is only half the battle. Once leads start coming in, you have to know what to do with them. Some might fit into a particular email sequence while other could qualify for a demo. Each person is different and meeting their unique needs is the best way to show them you’re more than a company.

What is the connection between lead nurturing and product marketing?

Product marketing is about driving awareness, demand, and adoption of a product or service. Lead marketing fils your pipeline who may or may not be ready to buy, so your sales and marketing team can constantly move them through the process. When we develop a lead nurturing strategy, we look at your customer persona and user journey and help develop lead generation assets that meet your customers’ needs and keep you in contact with them.