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Want to give your sales team the ammunition they need to close more deals and crush the competition? Your team is only as good as the tools you equip them with. Sales enablement is the secret sauce to equip your team with the knowledge, content, and tools they need to succeed. From white papers to playbooks to sales templates, we’ve got you covered. And don’t forget about the critical partnership between product marketing and sales – we work together to create killer content that moves prospects through the buying journey and makes it easier for them to convince people to choose you over the competitor.

We’ve worked with clients to help develop a variety of sales enablement materials, including:

What is the relationship between product marketing and sales enablement?

Product marketing and the sales team typically work closely. We listen to feedback the sales team might be receiving from customers and help to create items like playbooks and lead nurturing assets that your sales team then uses to move people through the buying journey.