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User personas: because who needs real customers when you can make up semi-fictional ones? But don’t worry, it’s all based on extensive research and data. By creating these personas, we can better understand what makes our ideal customers tick and tailor our product or service to their needs. And let’s be real, one persona is never enough – we need a whole posse of them! These personas are our secret weapons in sales and marketing, helping us empathize with our customers and create lifelong fans. As product marketers, we use these personas to generate new product ideas, improve existing ones, and personalize the customer experience. And hey, even the programmers and engineers need to know who they’re targeting, right?


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What is a user persona?

Undoubtedly, when you began to craft your product or service, you had a person in mind that had a need that you were looking to meet. The user persona is a heavily researched sketch of this person. More often than not, a company will have three to five personas for each product or service, because what you’re offering likely appeals to more than just one person. These personas are then used by sales and marketing to empathize with the prospective customer, understand them, and create an experience with your company that resonates with them to the point that they become a lifelong customer.

How do product marketers apply user personas to their work?

As product marketers we develop user personas to understand the right products that customers need (so, the generation of new product ideas and product improvements in the product roadmap), as well as who your current customer is and how we can personalize their experience with your company. Additionally, personas are a critical part of keeping the entire team, including programmers and engineers, as well as creative, in the loop of who they are targeting with their work.